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Solar Roofing 

Help save money and help save the planet, with your new "Green" roof!

Title 24 Roofing Systems 


At Martin Roofing we understand the desire to “GO GREEN”. That’s why we have partnered up with various solar companies to be able to offer you an integrated Solar system with your Tile, Shingle, or Flat roofing at the best price and service. 

It has been our experience that when some Solar Companies don't work with a roofing company, roof systems are often damaged without repair or with sub par repairs, leading to costly leaks and/or voiding your warranty. Sometimes these leaks lie underneath panels which means you may have to pay for dismantling, repairing roof leak, and reconnecting the panels back! We guarantee our work, so you don't have to worry about costly leaks for 10 years. 


After installing a solar roofing system with Martin Roofing Co, Inc. sit back and watch your meter run backwards and your monthly electric bill drastically reduce, while adding value to your home and without worries.

Title 24 is an energy requirement for commercial and residential roof systems to help reduce the amount of heat the roof absorbs and, in turn, cooling the building. This leads to energy efficiency and lower energy bills for the building owner and the power grid. Martin Roofing has installed many types of Title 24 “cool roof” systems complying with the law and saving building owners money on their heating and air conditioning expenses. 

​Call Martin Roofing today for a free quote and start saving money on your building’s heating and air conditioning bills.