What to Look For

What to know when hiring a roofing company for your next project is important. The following are questions you should ask your contractor before you hire them.
  • Does your contractor have both Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance? Can they furnish original certificates of insurance for each?
  • Can they provide you with a list of former customers?
  • Is your contractor a member of the San Diego Roofing Contractors Association? Call (619) 283-1225 or visit their website at www.sdrca.org.
  • Is payment due upon completion? NEVER give full payment until the job is completed! The law states that the contractor can only receive 10% of the contract price or $1000, whichever, is less, as a down payment.
  • Will your Contractor furnish a written contract with explicit payment instructions and total price?
  • Does your contractor have a start and completion date?
  • Will they furnish you with their own written guarantee?
  • Will they furnish you with a manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Be leery of a Contractor that asks you to obtain the required reroofing permits!
Martin Roofing is a properly licensed and insured corporation that is committed to high‑quality work. We are an established, reliable, and service‑oriented company that is willing to stand behind our work. Martin Roofing is committed to safety and the roofing industry as a whole and our employees are trained and experienced in the roofing craft.

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